Our Services

Days round the campfire

Take your team out of the office, and get them round the campfire reconnecting with each other and the natural world.

Overnight in Nature

Just like a day round the campfire with your team, but with added tents and camping. Who’s going to light the campfire in the morning?

Custom woodland activities

Want to design your own sessions involving outdoor time in nature, fire, tools and cooking, or choose your own location? We can help.

About Us

We’re people who love to spend time outdoors, preferably with a campfire involved, it’s as simple as that.

We believe that in a world gone a little crazy, everyone needs more time outside (and probably more campfires too). We’d love to help your team reconnect as people in an outdoor setting.

We believe that everyone needs to slow down a little and just be. There’s nothing like spending a few slow hours collecting wood, tending the fire, whittling some sticks whilst chatting with your fellow humans.